Elevating Our Factory's Capabilities with Colorpoint Technology

An Experience

CMC’s  patented ColorPoint tufting machine produces carpet that is more desirable and sophisticated – but with the agility and efficiency of a tufting machine. With ColorPoint, there are no buried yarn ends on the face, giving you full-gauge coverage and density. 

Meet Our 'Wizard'

Meet our extraordinary wizards – the masterminds behind the scenes who ensure seamless operations and unparalleled performance. With their expertise and dedication, they navigate the complexities of modern technology and industry with finesse, making the impossible possible.

When you choose to meet our wizardly technical team, you’re not just engaging with experts – you’re embarking on a journey into the heart of innovation. Whether you’re seeking customization, troubleshooting, or simply want to witness the magic in action, our technical wizards are here to exceed your expectations.

Feel the taste of US

With CMC’s ColorPoint, you can manufacture all cut-pile multi-color products or you can produce patterns with varying amounts of cut and loop. This patented technology allows for multiple single-color concentration areas with 100% coverage. 

Local Factory-to-Floor: Indonesian Crafted Carpets

Welcome to our world of "Local Factory-to-Floor: Indonesian Crafted Carpets"! Immerse yourself in the beauty of locally crafted carpets straight from our Indonesian factory.

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Kami adalah salah satu produsen karpet terbesar di dunia, Classic Carpets memulai perjalanannya bisnisnya pada tahun 1968 dengan misi yaitu untuk melayani permintaan klien dengan produk dan layanan kelas dunia yang kami berikan. Kami telah memasok lebih dari 200 juta meter persegi karpet dengan ribuan desai ke seluruh dunia. Kami bersama Anda, di setiap langkah.