Elevate Every Step

A carpet is more than just a floor covering – it serves as an anchor. For some, a carpet carries symbolic meaning and might be rooted in rich cultural heritage. For others, a carpet offers an added layer of safety, comfort and utility. And, for some, a carpet is a creative way of personalizing a space as an extension of their signature style.

From shaping the mood inside a room to offering warmth, carpets are the soul of any space. Its color, design, material and texture are the four integral threads that spin a unique story. Simply put, a carpet is an essential element that ties an entire room together.

One of the biggest carpet companies in the world, Classic Carpets has been an special part of people’s lives for more than three decades as they walk with us, quite literally. Whether you walk to that important meeting at the office, a special get-together with friends at a restaurant, a much needed holiday with loved ones at a hotel, an entertaining night with muddies at the movies, spiritual time at a place of worship or simply retire to your own home, it’s time to roll out the carpet and elevate every step



As one of the biggest carpet companies in the world, Classic Carpets began its journey in 1968 with a mission to serve our clients with world-class products and services. We have supplied over 200 million square meters of carpet with thousands of designs around the world. We are with you, every step of the way.